Will MyTouch Hurt Ford?

Will MyTouch Sink Ford?

Increasing articles are coming out and taking aim at Ford Motor Company’s MyTouch. Earlier in the year the Consumer Reports Magazine declared the touch screen system as “overly complicated and distracting.” In turn, Consumer Reports decided not to give a recommendation to two Ford products, the Ford Edge and Lincoln’s MKX crossover due to the MyTouch technology. Now it appears the U.S. Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood will be asking for restrictions on the use of in-car electronics.

While last year Ford ranked highest among all non-luxury brands, this year it is a different story. Yet, when we survey customers who have attended an on-site MyTouch clinic in a local dealership, the story is completely different! The customers love SYNC and MyTouch, they love the ease of use…..but how can that be? Maybe like anything else, technology products appear to be confusing until we take the time to use them and learn the basics.

So this begs the question, what is the local Ford Retailer doing to provide a best in class delivery process over the technology in the vehicles? Is the sales staff trained to teach the use of these products? Do we conduct a detail delivery of the use of the vehicle? Do we offer customer clinics on the use of the MyTouch and SYNC products?

Sadly most of us know the answer to these questions. In most stores our sales team does not understand how to demo, let alone coach on the use of SYNC and MyTouch. Customers play a part in this as well, they are eager to leave the store after they have the keys and do not want to take the time to learn the systems.

So what to do? Recently we have discovered having customer clinics in the store twice a week with a product expert has helped. In fact the customers who have attended these events have posted positive feedback about MyTouch and SYNC. If you are not providing clinics with an outside professional product expert, you might want to look into this. I know we have and it has paid off in many ways.

At least these are my thoughts. —- Rick Wise


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