Was it the presentation or the price?

My daughter wanted a car. A new sporty vehicle that in her mind was either a BMW, Audi, or Mini Cooper. So here it was, a chance to show my daughter the art of the presentation or what we called the “walked-around”.

For years I would tell my children about the art and science of the sale. How the presentation was at the heart of the process and it was the presentation that entertained the prospect that soon became your customer and hopefully your fan.

Yet when we walked on the lot of many of these well known respected dealerships, we did not get the “Billy Mays” winning, entertaining pitch or anything like it. In fact we did not even get a true walk-around providing us with information about the $40,000 plus product we happen to be looking at.

We did not get the meet and greet telling us about the dealership and why we are important to them. We did not get the introduction to the vehicle combine with the over the top presentation showing the feature / benefits. In short, no one gave us the sizzle so we could fall in love with the vehicle of choice.

So what happen! We selected a Mini Cooper and took it out for a few hours. I gave an old fashion presentation to my family showing off the entire cooper. Giving the history from a movie called “The Italian Job” to taking them for a ride of their life zipping into extremely small parking places and showing off the rare talents of this amazing car. In the end, I did what I was taught so many years ago by some of the best in our industry.

At the end of the process, my daughter purchase the car for way too much money, bought all the F&I products and is to this day an extremely happy Mini Cooper owner. In short, she fell in love with the car and felt the value was greater than the price.


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