Another Week

Just got off another conference call with grand plans for our group, why is it that every time we get off one of these calls we have a full agenda yet nothing happens? Is it that we just get too busy reacting to what we get hit with during the day? Maybe it’s because sh… happens.

Well for me no more! As a single father, I am tired of dirty dishes in the sink. No more waiting for the last moment to check the kid’s homework, rushing to get them ready for school and off to the office. It’s time to plan out the week and do laundry in small batches compare to a growing pile of cloths gathering in each of the bed rooms resulting to a marathon Sunday night cleaning session.

No more having 5 separate alarms going off in the morning just to get out of bed and start the day. As a family we are going to take our morning walk, have a well plan breakfast and have time to compare notes so we are all on the same page.

This week is going to be different! We will get our act together.! …..oh just notice it is raining outside and a cold front is moving in. Maybe I just need another cup of coffee and wait until traffic dies down before I hit the road…I know I should get the week off to a great start, but I always have tomorrow.


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