Stop trying to create ACTION at your dealership

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You want to create Action?

Give cars away!  Sell them for $6,000 below cost and advertise the hell out of the fact.

You’ll have to fight the crowd off.  You’ll lose money on each deal.  You’ll spend money on advertising AND you’ll soon go out of business.

Creating excitement is what you want, right?!! – Well stop it and start thinking logically.

Successful marketing strategies require consistency.  It requires Logic and keeping your name and message in front of potential buyers on a regular basis.  Face the facts, people buy when they are ready to buy – maybe from you – maybe from someone else.  Your performance in the market (i.e. market share) depends on just a few people choosing you over your competitors. It’s a game of inches, not yards…or crowds…or the appearance of activity.  To grow market share it’s a fine edge, not a battering ram.

Okay, so…

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