Is it salesmanship or price?

Is it salesmanship or price?

We are just finishing our lunch at a café that hosts our weekly meetings. While sitting here enjoying the action around us, our guest commented on the environment and service. This knocked me back to realizing once again that any sales transaction is made between two parties.

With all the social marketing and branding being done in our industry today, our dealerships still depend on the personalization from the individuals possessing true salesmanship abilities. Our potential customer still needs to be sold on which dealership or entity to do business. Even after the sale, our duty is to re-earn the customer’s business and keep it; for the customer never automatically remains ‘our customer’ because we never own them.

Earning the customer’s business is quite straight forward;

  • Sell the customer on the dealership. This means the customer not only likes and wants the product we are offering, but they like and respect how we conduct our business and our team’s professional way to provide the service that comes with the product.
  • Assist the customer in the research part of the sales process, find the right product for what the customer’s needs and wants are vs. our own needs.
  • Create an easy, transparent way to select the product and how to pay for it.
  • As an individual and as a business, show by our actions that we are really part of the community and will provide servicing and support after the sale.

Now notice that price was not listed. While price is important, as long as the price of our product is competitive, it is secondary to the way it’s presented.   Transparency in pricing of both the vehicle and options pave the way to the ease in doing business and will almost always trump the price.

Salesmanship is not the ability to close a customer, but more in providing information and educating the customer to assist them with making a smart selection of the product and services our dealership provides. This provides trust and comfort to the customer and engages the customer’s WANT to do business with us.  In doing this, our dealership can move away from the hunt for a customer, and focus time to building a long term customer / seller relationship.

Well, our coffee is here and it’s time to be consulted on the right dessert.


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