Why Are We Not Successful?

Why Are We Not Successful?

I have had the honor to work with some of the most recognized sales trainers in our industry. I have attended so many seminars and training classes you would think that I would be at the top of my game! Yet that is not the case.

Over the years I wonder why I had to “re-start” my efforts or get re-organized. But a client of mine shared his thoughts on this very subject.  He did not have a catchy name for his reasoning so I have tried to put on paper what he was telling me, hopefully it will translate…we shall see.

This client had noticed over the years how we would arrange a day of training in his store and while the sales team would use the “gems” given to them for a few days, in a while they would fall back into the same routine. It was not from a lack of desire, it seem to come from trying to install a new concept too quickly into the sales process.  It was discovered by taking “baby steps” and introducing a small change, the entire team could move as one and achieve the desire result until it became a habit. At which time we could move to the next step.

Waiting for just the right moment was another concern. So many times he would hear “I will wait until the close of the month”, or “I am too busy now to focus on this.” It is easy to find reasons to push-off a change of a routine or to add something new to the mix. So how do we overcome this? The simple answer is not to over think this, just do it! Do not worry about the outcome or failure, understand it is just a slight change in a process and it will not change the world either way…so why worry, just do it.

This client also found if he offered a reward system for even the smallest of change, he could create an environment in which change is fun. We all have a fear of failure and this insecurity plays a huge role in holding back on embracing new concepts or processes. He discovered when he rewarded effort; he got a better response from his team. He made “taking the lead” in fact fun and less risky. In turn his team was more willing to take a chance.

Last but not least it was his belief on focusing on the small steps and not on the end result that got my attention. His reasoning was that many times the end result just seems too large or too distant to motivate the team. Yet they could get excited about completing a simple task which in turned moved them closer to the end result.

In the end he stated that so many times we try too much too soon. So going forward, I am going to take the pressure off of myself to make a complete change and just try to take small simple steps to a better self and a better process.


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