Pay the Piper…or in this case the Salesforce

Every successful dealership I have ever observed has one thing in common; a sales force that has longevity!

What is the primary element that promotes this?  A sense that management has empowered each individual to be the captain of their ship and a clear path to monetary reward!  Call it a professional environment or call it loyalty, it doesn’t matter, it comes down to the rewards that are inherent in knowing that what you are doing for a living has an open road ahead and that you are the one steering your own ship. I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again:  People will do things that are for their own benefit when left to their own resources.  Those who will not are not worth investing in as an employee…especially as a sales person (or any other position at the dealership).

Conversely, every dealership I have ever observed that teeters on extinction in hard times is just the opposite, filled with a revolving door of staff.

Another thing I have observed over the years is that when sales staff, GSMs, UCMs, etc. have income restrictions (and other rules that don’t make sense to them) placed on them that they resent, all kinds of interesting behavior follows; from under the table dealings to out-right stealing.  This is not an exaggeration, I have been witness to some of the most cleverly underhanded attempts of skirting ill-imposed restrictions on staff that even the criminally minded wouldn’t come up with.  This is because a professional environment addresses the basic human core:  People will act in a manner they think is to their benefit.  A well run organization structures their business so that the staff’s benefit also serves the company’s benefit.  When structuring rules and income structures for staff, the golden rule is:  Pick your battles (or issues) carefully and make sure that you have actual buy-in before instituting.  Give your staff a clear path to making money that also benefits the organization.

“My good friend wrote this and seems very much on target” – Rick Wise


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