Quick Tips to Improve Customer Service Skills

Quick Tips to Improve Customer Service Skills
also how to close more deals

It is a belief that body language translates so much to our customers / clients. Because of this belief we must take extra care to deliver proper body language to our customer / client if we want them to receive the “over the top” experience from our dealership.
Here are a few very simple things we all can do to improve our body language and of course improve our customer relationship skills.
Of course we all smile, right? Well I will tell you that many times when we mystery shop our dealerships, we usually just get a passing glance or grunt. Remember a smile tells your customer / client that you are paying them attention. It gives them the impression that you do care and that you enjoy what you are doing.

Have a good posture:
Posture is so important. Your posture is view as a short cut to your mood. So what is a good posture, it is when you keep your spine straight, your legs just slightly apart, and your hands behind your back. All of this will hopefully push your chest out and keep your chin raised. You never want to slouch as this gives the impression that you are in a bad mood or just lazy.

Lead with an open hand:
This is one of my favorites. This technique is very subtle and used whenever you are giving directions to a customer / client. If you point with a finger or thumb, this is consider rude and of course we do want to avoid  being rude at all cost. The use of the open hand is inviting. Your body language is saying “allow me to show you the way or right this way”.

Face the customer:
This is a very important tip when it comes to body language. Make sure you face the customer with the front of your body. You do not want to turn your back on them or stay slightly turned in a profile because this gives the impression you do not care.

Keep eye contact:
This is the easiest of all the traits. One way to ensure the customer knows you are paying attention to them is to keep eye contact. Eye contact says: “you are the only person I am listening to right now”. Yet this is one of the most overlooked aspects of body language and is easy to forget as you try to get many things done at the same time.

Try to use these tips in your next encounter with a customer / client. I am sure you will notice a very positive change in the attitude and well-being of the customer because you are showing them you do care.


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