We are Replaceable

We Are Replaceable Graveyards are full of irreplaceable people. Maybe a cynical statement, but it does make a point. True we are each unique and special in our own ways, yet it’s only a few true genius in history that cannot truly be replaced and yet we survive after they are gone. In a fast … More We are Replaceable

Honesty as a sales strategy

Originally posted on Dealerite Blog:
Sales is a science, albeit an often botched science, but a science nonetheless. When a sales person is perceived as ‘honest’, customers tend to systematically lower their defenses.  Lowered defenses lead to a more satisfactory buying experience. Can you be strategic in establishing your ‘honesty’?  Absolutely!  Blocking or evading questions…

It’s Emotional

We have been told decisions are made based on logic. But maybe we have been wired to make snapped decisions such as love at first sight, trusting someone at first glance, or having that gut feeling. How many times do we say “I should have trusted my instincts”. When training, we talked about getting so … More It’s Emotional

Another Week

Just got off another conference call with grand plans for our group, why is it that every time we get off one of these calls we have a full agenda yet nothing happens? Is it that we just get too busy reacting to what we get hit with during the day? Maybe it’s because sh… … More Another Week