We are Replaceable

We Are Replaceable Graveyards are full of irreplaceable people. Maybe a cynical statement, but it does make a point. True we are each unique and special in our own ways, yet it’s only a few true genius in history that cannot truly be replaced and yet we survive after they are gone. In a fast … More We are Replaceable

Pay the Piper…or in this case the Salesforce

Every successful dealership I have ever observed has one thing in common; a sales force that has longevity! What is the primary element that promotes this?  A sense that management has empowered each individual to be the captain of their ship and a clear path to monetary reward!  Call it a professional environment or call … More Pay the Piper…or in this case the Salesforce

Prospect Like A Lion

Prospecting was the subject of our last conference call. It became apparent many of us do so little prospecting that we are unsure how to greet prospects and ask the right questions. Of course we all know different situations call for different approaches, so it’s easy for even experts in prospecting to get confused about … More Prospect Like A Lion

It’s Emotional

We have been told decisions are made based on logic. But maybe we have been wired to make snap decisions such as love at first sight, trusting someone at first glance, or having that gut feeling. How many times do we say “I should have trusted my instincts”. When training, we talked about getting so … More It’s Emotional